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Yoga Resources

Here is a very small representation of the thousands of sites on the web that might be of interest:

  Yoga for the Special Child
Yoga Alliance

Christ Centered
Health and Yoga : Towards health & beauty..... naturally
On-Line Comprehensive Resources
and Consultation
Largest Directory of
Yoga  Classes
and Studios
Practicing Mindfulness In Addiction Recovery: A Step by Step Guide
ARK Behavioral Health
An On-Line Yoga Book
for teachers and students
Massage and
Myofascial Release
An On-Line Yoga
divine Goddess Logo
Divine Goddess
Specialty Yoga
 Resources for Finding
Spirituality and Life Meaning
In Recovery
Windham, NH


White Sun - Debut Album CD
White Sun
Grammy Award


May you find the light within you.........................always

Om Shanti

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