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Please let me apologize for the condition of my website.  I am in the process of updating all my products and payment options.  It has been a while since I first set this up.  I have so many different items now and there are so many more options for payment that I have finally decided to bite the bullet and redesign the site.  It may take a while to get it all done so in the meantime, if you would like to order a Tooth Fairy Pillow or a T-shirt to support breast cancer research, please email me directly so we can figure out colors and all.

I appreciate your patience and hope you will come back again to see my new products.

Have a great day!


Shopping here will not be like ordering from a catalog or on-line store since you are ordering from me personally.   I make every gift individually so there are no 2 exactly alike.   I designed my website to be very user-friendly so hopefully you can sit back, relax and browse through the products that are available here so far. 

I will be adding Gifts By Nana often to make more gift items available, so I hope you will stop by regularly.  My goal is to make this as fun for you as it is for me.


Buy a t-shirt to support breast cancer research and I will donate $5.00 per shirt to the Susan G. Komen Foundation
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Tooth Fairy Pillows

Support Research for Breast Cancer

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 About My Company

    Basically my company is me.  I do all my own work from start to finish.  I designed this website in response to requests to make my gifts available to a wider community.   I don't do any promotional marketing but have become a favorite of many regular shoppers.  Thus far I have received very positive feedback for which I am sincerely grateful. 

      Primary benefit to ordering "From Nana With Love"? 

      Mainly just having the option to customize the gift.

One important note, if you have an idea or perhaps you need a specific gift item for that special someone and are having a hard time finding exactly what you want, please send me an email and maybe we can come up with just the right gift together.  Remember, this website is just me - personally.

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  >>>  Support Breast Cancer Research.......I'll donate $5.00 for each special T-shirt ordered   <<<


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